My practice specializes in helping individuals and small businesses resolve their tax problems


Tax preparation

Individual & Business Returns.

Current and Past Years Returns

1040, Corporation, LLC,  Partnership, Trusts

Debt Resolution


Rid yourself of wage garnishments, tax liens, bank levies and overbearing tax debts.

Offer in compromise 

Audit Representation,



Offering monthly Bookkeeping services for your small business. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being organized and efficient in your business operations.

Tax Services Long Beach CA
Tax Services Long Beach CA

Professional tax advice

Tax Services Long Beach CA
Tax Services Long Beach CA

Eliminate unwanted tax burdens


Enrolled Agent

Olivette Smith EA

Smith's Tax Solutions

2268 E 63 Street

Long Beach CA 90805

Tel: 562-428-1489

Fax: 562-366-2934

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Tax Services

     Smith's Tax Solutions     


Olivette Smith Enrolled Agent

Smith's Tax Solutions

Long Beach CA  


An enrolled agent is a federally licensed tax practioner who has proven technical expertise in the field of taxation. Enrolled agents are empowered by the Dept of Treasury to represent taxpayers before the IRS in Collections, Audits and Appeals. Only Enrolled Agents, Attorneys, and CPA's may represent taxpayers before the IRS.

Eliminate unwanted tax burdens

 Expertise Advice

Licensed by the United States Treasury Department

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